Quench Your Thirst and Ditch Plastic Water Bottles Forever

We all know that plastic water bottles are a big problem for the environment as they end up in landfills or in our oceans, destroying marine life. In addition to the afterlife effects of the plastic bottle on the environment, the manufacture of the plastic that plastic bottles are made of creates pollutants in the air and water. Fortunately, many companies are taking the problem seriously and are developing great reusable options to keep us hydrated. And who doesn’t like to save money if they don’t buy $ 6 bottles of water every time you get thirsty on the go? A reusable bottle pays for itself in a short time and it’s one simple change we can all make to help the environment!

KINTO water bottle 300ml
This 300ml copolyester bottle is ideal for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact bottle for one or two errands. It comes with a looped lip that makes it easy to hold on the go. Available in clear, amber and smoke.

LARQ Black + Clay bottle movement
LARQ takes water bottles to a completely different level, as it can clean and purify water itself thanks to the UV-C LED light integrated in the cap. Many bottles are difficult to clean and undesirable microbial guests form which leads to the purchase of a new bottle. With the push of a button, LARQ bottles eliminate bacterial and virus growth with an effectiveness rate of 99.999%, making this investment worthwhile. Not only does LARQ eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles that pile up in landfills, but it is also a member of 1% for the Planet, a non-profit network that helps environmental organizations around the world influence global environmental issues such as climate. Food, pollution, water and wildlife. It’s a win-win situation for you, the landfill and our planet! The original bottle from LARQ is available in the colors granite white, himalayan pink, mint by the sea, obsidian black and Monaco blue. The Movement collection is available in the colors black + pine, black + clay, white + pebble and white + dune. Save 10% on LARQ water bottles until March 26th today!

W&P Porter Terrazzo 20 oz bottle
Hydrate daily with this fun, lightweight bottle that comes with a protective silicone sleeve with a speckled terrazzo pattern. This trend continues in the design world and adorns everything from tiles to table tops to textiles. This playful pattern is available in limited editions in cream and pink, making it the perfect option for happy water lovers everywhere. It also comes in Charcoal Terrazzo for those who prefer something a little more subdued.

A5 memobottle
Memobottle made waves a few years ago when they took the average water bottle and flattened it to sizes based on international paper sizes. The ergonomic shape is about the size of a book and fits perfectly in your pocket next to your iPad or laptop. Its clever design and shape make the water a work of art that will definitely spark some conversations with strangers who want to see it up close.

Que 12oz. bottle
que Bottle is another bottle that redesigned the size of a water bottle by collapsing it to half its size when you’re done drinking or just want to bring 5 ounces. Water with you. The bottle is made from food grade silicone and expands to a full 12 ounces. stay light and flexible. The spiral design and soft exterior make it easy to grab when you’re on the go. The Que 12oz. The bottle is available in the colors Sunbeam Orange, Citrus Yellow, Iceberg Blue, Metallic Charcoal, Misty Mint, Violet Purple, Glacier White, Key Lime Green, Coral Pink, Bonfire Red, Cloudy Gray and Midnight Blue. The Que bottle is also available in 20 ounces. Size for longer days and available in the colors Sunbeam Orange, Citrus Yellow, Iceberg Blue, Metallic Charcoal, Misty Mint, Violet Purple, Glacier White, Key Lime Green, Coral Pink, Bonfire Red, Cloudy Gray, Midnight Blue, Steel Blue and Frozen Plum, dusty sage, lavender lilac, and stone gray.

Closca wave bottle
This stainless steel bottle is equipped with a thermal function that keeps your drink cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. An outer silicone coating makes it easy to hold on the go and if you need to be hands-free, attach it to your handbag, backpack, bike or stroller with its practical patented flap. There’s also a Closca Water app (Apple + Google) that lets you find the closest water fountains or H2O refill stations when they’re empty and track the positive effects you’re getting from not using plastic. Closca Wave Bottles are available in 450ml and 600ml and are available in Amazonia, Antarctica, Arizona, Sahara, white and black.

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