Presenting the 2021 A’ Design Award & Competition Winners

The winners of the 2021 A ‘Design Award & Competition have been announced! It’s always an exciting time to see all the new talent and designs that have emerged from this year’s winners. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorites.

If you would like to apply for the competition next year, registration is already open so you now have a head start in planning and preparing your submissions. There are over 100 different categories of design awards that you can participate in, including special awards like the awards for good architecture and good industrial design. Each design receives a free preliminary rating so you have nothing to lose, but something to gain when you step inside! In addition to a cool trophy, the winners of the competition will receive international recognition, inclusion in the world ranking of designs and even the opportunity to sell their designs. Find out more about the competition here and start your submission.

To let your creativity run free, here are some of our favorite designs from this year’s competition:

Featured Image: Grille Bookcase by Wei Huang (Photo by Bruce Tao)

Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair by Chen Kuan-Cheng

Shelter Desk by Joao Teixeira

Transparent chair by Xuanang Gao

Spring multifunctional chair by Navid Ghandili

Photo: Shamel Shoupash

Ring bookcase by Rama Akel

Ori Accent Chair by Manish Maheshwari

Photo: Hiroki Watanabe

Parachute wall shelf by Yusuke Watanabe

Photo: Peu Campos

Zero Sun Lounger by Roberta Banqueri

Photo: Wang Chaoyang

Observe the Tower Cat Climbing Tree by Fei Chen, Lei Yang, and Qi Wu

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