Portacharge One Transportable Charger Evaluation

Are you tired of your phone dying in the middle of your conversation?  Have you ever left the house and forgotten to charge up your smartphone?  The best solution for either problem is a portable powerbank.  With a reliable powerbank you won’t have to worry about finding yourself in these situations again.  

In this Portacharge One portable charger review you will learn what’s new and different about this particular phone and mobile device charger.

Portacharge One Portable Charger Review

Portacharge 1.0 Major Highlights

The major highlight with this powerbank is the magnetic adapter that stays connected to your phone and when you’re ready for a charge just pull out the Portacharge portable charger and it magnetically snaps directly onto the bottom of the device starting the charging process.  tt

This magnetic feature allows for quick swapping out for your next PortaCharge for continuous charging at ease.  There are three adapters that come with the battery bank which fit most phones and mobile devices. 

Compare the Portacharge One with a best selling powerbank on Amazon that is similar, the iWALK 4500Ah Portable Charger.  This product has over 600 customer reviews and 65% of customers rated it 5 stars.  Click to read reviews!!


The other major attraction with the Portacharge phone charger is the size of the powerbank.  It is designed to be the perfect size for the majority of customers.  It’s compact enough for tucking in your pocket, backpack, purse, or even carry in your bag.  

Portacharge Battery Bank Features

Charge anywhere anytime

Mini portable phone charger

Connects right onto the bottom of any mobile device 

No charger cables

No bulky size

No need for power outlets

One of the world’s most practical portable chargers

Premium grade A-2600mAh lithium ion battery

More than double your device’s battery life

Comes with 3 adapter connection types, lightning, Type-C and MicroUSB


If you are concerned if this product will fit your phone or mobile device you can look at the list below to verify:

Nintendo Switches

Xbox One controllers

PS4 controllers

Apple iOS


What the Portacharge 1.0 Comes With

1 PortaCharge One

3x Magnetic device adapters

1 magnetic USB recharging cable

1 adapter removal tool

1 canvas carrying pouch

Portacharge Price

Purchasing a Portacharge power bank is relatively affordable as it should last you a long time and be of tremendous use.  Here are some prices from their website:

1 pack $39.95

2 pack $71.91

4 pack $127.84


One of the best selling portable chargers that operates very similarly to the Portacharge is the iWALK 4500mAh portable charger.  The product has over 600 customer reviews and 65% of customers rated it 5 stars.  Click to read reviews!!

4500mAh battery

Compatible with more phones and mobile devices

More affordable

Thanks for taking the time to read our Portacharge One Portable Charger review.

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