Please Ship Us Your School Purposes About Cash

It’s a strange year applying for college as the coronavirus rages and the economy is in flux. If you happen to have written an application essay about money, work or social classes – whether about the pandemic or not – we would like to read it and maybe publish it.

We’ve been posting this call for your doodles since 2013 when we started collecting stacks of college application essays and posting some of the ones that we liked the most or that we thought were unique. You can read the four we published last year here on topics like art, a blanket, and a truck.

There are few rules: this must be an essay that you submitted as part of an application for admission to at least one college. It must be from the current application season – if you’re already in college or just doing a year abroad and applied last year, you won’t be eligible. Again, the essay must have something to do with money.

Please send us your essay using the form on this page by Monday, April 26th. If you have written more than one, please submit it separately. We plan to publish some of these later this spring and pay the authors our normal freelance tariff.

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