Pay Discrimination Suit Against Disney Adds Pay Secrecy Claim

The Disney case is still in the discovery phase, with the two sides exchanging information about the witnesses and evidence they want to use. There were early wins and early losses for both sides.

For example, Judge Daniel J. Buckley granted a motion by the plaintiff to expand the case to include claims under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. However, a more recent decision was in Disney’s favor: citing attorney and client privilege, the judge rejected an attempt by Ms. Andrus to gain access to an analysis commissioned by Disney attorneys in 2017 to assess the company’s equity to pay.

The decisive issue of the class action has yet to be decided. Certification of the case as such would allow plaintiffs to represent women employed by Disney in California in full-time positions (excluding those represented by a union) as of April 1, 2015 – tens of thousands of women.

Felicia A. Davis, the attorney who leads Disney’s defense, has argued that the plaintiffs’ “anecdotal” allegations cannot form the basis of a class action lawsuit, partly because women who work (or worked) in “markedly different professions” do so, would wrongly summarize This requires significantly different skills, efforts and responsibilities “in” significantly different business areas “.

In a previous statement, Disney said, “We look forward to presenting our response to each claim in court in due course.”

The 10 women are suing for additional payments, lost benefits and other compensation. They also want a judge to force Disney to create in-house programs to “eliminate the effects of Disney’s past and current illegal employment policies,” including adjusting salaries and benefits for other women and establishing a task force to oversee those Progress reported.

In addition to Ms. Rasmussen, Ms. Moore and Ms. Hanke, the women are Ginia Eady-Marshall, Senior Manager at Disney Music Publishing; Enny Joo, director of marketing at Hollywood Records; Becky Train, media producer at Disney Imagineering; Amy Hutchins, a former production manager in a division that is now Direct-to-Consumer & International; Anabel Pareja Sinn, a former Hollywood Records art designer; Dawn Wisner-Johnson, a former music coordinator at ABC; and Nancy Dolan, senior manager, creative music marketing.

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