PARTISANS Designs a Home That Folds into the Web site’s Topography

The Fold House is a two-story residence in southern Ontario, Canada, with an undulating structure made of wood and steel. PARTISANS designed the house to follow the contours of the location to minimize the impact on the environment. A one-story pavilion, which houses a pool, joins the two-story structure, which sits on a slight slope, leading to a unique exterior made even more notable by the undulating curvature of the roof.

The roof descends to allow for an external steel staircase that leads to the green roof.

The pool gazebo is equipped with a 90 foot steel beam that allows the cantilevered roof of the design to extend outward to create a canopy.

The indoor pool feels like it is outdoors when the 80 foot long and 10 foot high sliding glass facade is opened up.

Both the facade and interiors use compression bent wood, typically used to make furniture and musical instruments, to create the roof’s dramatic curves.

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