Pandemic Driving Is Nonetheless Down, however Will Insurers Grant Extra Aid?

Nevertheless, “the car tariffs remain below the values ​​before Covid 19,” said the company. “Our approach is to make incremental adjustments based on driving behavior to minimize the impact on customers.”

Here are some questions and answers about auto insurance rates:

What if I’m not sure I received credit in the spring?

Drivers who haven’t received a check should check their statements to see if they got the relief promised by their insurer, say consumer advocates. If it’s unclear or you can’t find your bill, contact your insurance agent or company directly.

C.and I ask that my premium be checked if I drive less because of the pandemic.

Yes. Several insurers said they encouraged drivers to contact them for a policy review if their driving habits changed drastically. It is helpful to have specific details about the change such as: For example, the distance you would drive to work if you were still at the office and away from home.

The average cost of auto insurance is $ 1,548 per year, or $ 129 per month, according to Zebra, a car tariff website. However, prices vary based on factors such as your age and driving history and where you live.

How else can I reduce my car insurance premium?

One way is to increase your deductible, the amount you pay for a claim paid by your insurer. (If you need $ 1,000 worth of repairs and your deductible is $ 500, your insurer will write you a check for $ 500.) A higher deductible saves you money on monthly premiums, but it means you get more out of pocket repairs pay to have an accident.

Some insurers also offer “usage-based” insurance, also known as telematics. You agree to have a device in your car that allows you to track your driving habits. This may be a cheaper option – but some people are skeptical about privacy concerns.

You can also see if a competing insurer offers you a cheaper rate. Just make sure you don’t cancel your current policy before activating a new one so you don’t have a gap in coverage, Heller advised.

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