Otelier Peak-Adjustable Tables Elevate the Standing Desk for Residence

Unsurprisingly, standing desks skyrocketed in popularity over the past year as people were forced to convert living spaces into home offices. While the choice of standing desks is numerous, the category suffers from a selection of indistinguishable utility models – perfectly serviceable shapes when placed in a dedicated home office, but not always harmonious when placed in a dining room or living room. Otelier’s debut San Francisco collection aims to modernize adaptable work surfaces with a decidedly modernist perspective that blends in with the home environment.

Otelier’s range of height-adjustable tables was founded in 2020 by multidisciplinary designer Yvonne Hung, a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Royal College of Art, and offers the opposite of technically advanced standing desks as “ergonomic but also suitable for the home” .

People don’t want to bring their office into their homes. They want a quiet place in their home where they can work comfortably. From this perspective, this leads to a completely differently designed product – one with flexible functionality and aesthetic appeal.

– Otelier founder Yvonne Hung

With only a single cable exiting from an otherwise neat bottom, Otelier’s height-adjustable design isn’t weighed down by the tendril of cables, cords, and motor hardware traditionally found under most standing desks. Instead, Hang’s collection emphasizes minimalist silhouettes, complemented by details such as gently rounded edges, integrated cable management, organizers for table tops and nicely finished soft-close drawers – all in all, the smoothly finished design reflects the seamless transition between work and dinner.

Hung notes that Otelier was founded to work according to the ideals of sustainability and ethical practices. This means that every piece in the Bay Area is made with sustainable wood in collaboration with a local Bay Area manufacturer using FSC wood and Greenguard certified finishes. In addition, each flat-packed table is designed in such a way that it can be easily assembled or disassembled within approx. 15 minutes. The minimum height is 28 “to 46” at full height and the maximum load capacity is 300 kg.

Otelier’s collection is expected to hit the market in limited quantities from March. Early supporters of their email list are getting $ 200 off pre-orders. All details at otelierhome.com.

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