Olive Professional 2-in-1 Listening to Aids and Earbuds Exemplify Inclusive Design Expertise

The ubiquity of mobile audio devices today means we have a wide variety of options for earbuds and headphones. Across the board, most portable audio has similar form factors, many of which provide slightly different in / on-ear performance. However, the impetus from Olive Union Founder and CEO Owen Song to develop the Olive Pro comes from the higher motive behind its design – one that will mark the life of one of the 466 million people who have hearing loss worldwide could improve.

“When my uncle first needed hearing aids, it was turned down from design and pricing to technology and maintenance,” says Song. “Our third generation Olive Pro is designed for him and others with a degree of hearing loss.”

While the Olive Pro is designed to deliver the high fidelity audio experience one would hope for from Bluetooth wireless earbuds (credit to Olive’s HD speakers and two-way balanced anchors drivers) for listening to music, you’re hiding Form factor an additional layer of functionality than other earbuds – one that is due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence to improve audio isolation and improve hearing aid. And most impressively, the FDA registered $ 199 Olive Pro ($ 299 MSRP) offers this hearing optimization feature at a price that is significantly lower than traditional dedicated hearing aids, which typically range from 1,000 and cost $ 4,000.

“Everyone has a different path to healthy hearing, but regardless of the journey, today’s hearing aid industry has put in unnecessary business-related roadblocks,” says Song.

Setting up the Olive Pro requires a 5 minute calibration process. The earphones and the associated app then create hearing profiles that are tailored to the wearer. Through this profile, the AI-enhanced Olive Pro can use its sound manipulation magic, improve speech clarity and eliminate unnecessary ambient noise. The Olive Pro achieves this feat using onboard microphones to capture, isolate, filter and reduce distracting background noise. It works effectively as a hearing aid under the guise of earphones. Very impressive, but all the more so with a battery life of more than 18 hours for morning to evening use.

Song Notes only 20 percent with hearing loss seek help to improve hearing. The Olive Pro offers a combination of design and technology that can effectively alleviate the stigma that can prevent the need for additional help in the listening department. It comes in a form factor that looks like a sleek earbud to isolate unwanted noise and enhance music, enjoy TV, and improve conversation interactions anywhere, anywhere.

Too often the latest technology offers solutions to finding the problems to be solved, but the Olive Pro is an example of laudable integrative design aimed at making the lives of its users permanent and far-reaching with meaningful purpose and sound to democratize.

The Olive Pro launches at a special pre-order price of $ 199 (33% off $ 299 MSRP). To learn more, visit: OliveUnion.com.

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