Ocean Plastic Recycled + Reborn as the Adidas Terrex FUTURECRAFT.LOOP Anorak

When the term “sustainable” is used in the fashion industry, it can be assumed to refer to the use of organic materials, biodegradable dyes, or a key component made from recycled materials. More serious efforts incorporate engineering patterns that leave little or no waste in the manufacturing process. The sportswear giant Adidas tries to integrate not just one or two of these sustainable practices into the life cycle of its sportswear, but a holistic effort that integrates all and manifests itself in the Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP anorak.

For six weeks this winter, I had the company of an early prototype of the brand’s FUTURECRAFT.LOOP anorak that I could wear whenever the Los Angeles weather allowed. Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic yarn from Parley and the undyed anorak, it turned out to be a super light outer garment designed to provide warm insulation and weatherproof protection with Primaloft insulation made from recycled plastic waste.

Since it was a prototype that came with a prompt for feedback, I particularly recommended including hardware to secure the various straps that would otherwise flutter loose. Adidas reportedly plans to add snaps and recycled zippers to accommodate feedback from the test group.

Thanks to the dye-free components and the recycled polyester yarn of FUTURECRAFT.LOOP anorak, it can easily be dismantled and reprocessed at the end of its life cycle to renew the loop. The dye-free jacket shows the natural color of recycled polyester. To avoid waste, the anorak is made with a laser cutter for precision reasons, reducing individual materials to reduce the number of steps involved in recycling. Additionally, Adidas is reviewing the assignment of QR codes to direct customers to instructions detailing how to return the anorak and other future similar items, to provide shipping labels to consumers, and likely to work with potential customers with gift cards or to satisfy extraordinary content.

Adidas’ efforts to make sports equipment fully recyclable are already represented by the Made to be Remade Ultraboost trainers.

Like Adidas’ efforts to design recyclable sneakers, the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP anorak is an attempt to turn one person’s trash into everyone’s treasure. Normally, a design would not be praised as “pure garbage”, but in this case the label remains, and admirably.

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