Nooie Cam Doorbell Adds Smart Home Security With a Smart Looking Design

With the increase in packages being stolen from front doors and porches and a notable increase in auto parts theft, home security has become a home improvement project. One of the most active categories in the smart home space are home security devices like the Nooie Cam Doorbell, a two-component system that is characterized by both its nearly 160-degree field of view and infrared night vision, and tastefully complements entries without drawing too much attention to itself pull.

The two devices communicate over both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

The Nooie Cam shares the aesthetic of a minimalist, smart speaker with a tasteful, earth-colored, cloth-covered plug-in base station designed as a chime, and a larger, subtly speckled doorbell and camera unit with a large concave button that presses invites. Equipped with a pyroelectric infrared sensor, it works both in daylight and at night and detects infrared radiation. This feature can also be turned off to extend battery life. And luckily, the Nooie is paired with a large, 10,000mAh USB-C battery that supposedly can be used for up to a year before it needs to be charged. We’ve always made such claims about battery life with a grain of salt, as power consumption can vary widely based on how many visitors regularly visit your front door and how often motion detection is enabled, a fair tradeoff for longer usage.

The smart doorbell compatible with Google Home and Alexa is by no means the smallest in this category. A competitor like the Google Nest is significantly smaller in length and depth. However, the Nooie’s larger case design makes it more obvious to a doorbell that offers a variety of chimes, and with a built-in 2K HDR camera (2048 × 1536) that comes with infrared night vision and IP65 water protection, it’s built year round to operate outdoors.

Visitors standing in front of you or pressing the doorbell unit activate the unit in order to alarm via chimes and / or notifications via app to connected devices. The Nooie also enables two-way video conversations through the Nooie Home app, so users can speak securely without opening the door (or, as is common these days, asking a delivery person to drop off packages while maintaining a safe distance for both parties).

A growing problem with home security devices is personal data. An optional Nooie cloud storage plan (free as a 30-day trial) ensures that data is securely encrypted with plans starting at $ 1 a month. However, we’re more interested in taking advantage of the microSD card slot (up to 128GB) on the base unit.

An anti-theft device warns Nooie owners if someone tries to steal their home security device. Users can also use recorded messages for times when active interaction with visitors is undesirable or not possible.

The Nooie Cam doorbell retails for $ 150 and comes with two wall mounts and all of the hardware needed to get it up and running in minutes.

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