New Pamela Coromoto Jewelry Collection Is Inspired by Basque Artists

Jewelry designer Pamela Coromoto has just started her latest journey of discovery – the ODE TO THE Collection – which remains true to its contemporary, colorful style in the most striking way. Inspired by Basque artists Jorge de Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida for the way they used sculpture, landscape and architecture, the pieces in the collection are clear and architectural. Thoughtful details help create a connection between you and Coromoto’s jewelry designs, all of which go with jeans and a t-shirt or your favorite cocktail dress. Available in a beautiful palette of translucent shades, the ODE TO THE Collection is ethically made from mostly recycled PMMA and designed and produced in-house in Coromoto’s Belgrade studio using digital manufacturing technologies. Are you ready to step into this bold yet easy way of life?

Ode to the stream earrings
Feminine yet eye-catching, these translucent statement earrings make a great pair for a strong personality.

split image of a light-skinned hand with a gray ring and the gray ring on a light background

Ode to the serenity ring
Designed for the brave and discerning with a keen sense of style, the two overlapping layers of this ring nestle right on your finger.

Split image of a fair-skinned woman with a bowed head and an arm looped over her head and a pair of meerschaum green earrings on a white background

Ode to lightness earrings
A minimalist, almost weightless pair of earrings that combine sculptural style with simple everyday suitability.

split image with a pair of mismatched magenta earrings on white background and a fair skinned woman looking over her shoulder

Ode to the tide earrings
Inspired by the vastness of the sea, this asymmetrical pair will effortlessly add a touch of elegant sophistication to your wardrobe.

Split image of a light-skinned hand with a pink double ring and the pink double ring on a light background

Ode to the double ring of freedom
Convenient and distinctive, it is an adorable must-have ring to add to your jewelry collection.

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