Nendo’s Petit Market Is a Roadside Farm Stand to Prevent Food Loss

Summer beckons with road trips, and road trips discover farm stalls … Where you can satisfy your craving for fresh food with a freshly picked bounty. Typically located on or near the farm, a farm stand can be a permanent (or semi-permanent) facility, or something as small as a couple of roadside tables with boxes and baskets filled with whatever was harvested that day . And then there is nendos newest version of the court estate called Small market. These stalls encourage the diffusion of cheap and fresh farm produce by supporting direct sales from farmer to consumer, preventing food loss and boosting the local economy in style.

As expected from nendo, the Petit Market stands are wonderfully minimalist in form and function. The simple triangular structures are available for the exterior in four color variants, whereby each user can design it according to his wishes with paint and other accessories. The stand kit is delivered flat-packed and can be set up by one person without special tools in approx. 10 minutes. Equipped with adjustable feet for installation on uneven surfaces in different environments, the design also offers modular shelf functions to accommodate different items such as flowers or long vegetables. In addition, the pitched roof protects them from snow in winter, while in summer it acts as a chimney and dissipates heat inside.

Farm stalls and farmers markets are the grocery stores of summer when the produce is so ripe and flavorful that you don’t have to do much to get it off your canvas and onto your plate. And it’s not just your gut or the local economy that benefits. Buying from local farms means avoiding industrial farming and the environmental pollution of large-scale farming. By helping farmers ‘stands by designers like nendo to become as popular as farmers’ markets, we are funding the future of sustainable agriculture so that organic and responsible products don’t have to be a luxury.

Photos by Akihiro Yoshida.

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