N.Y.C. Covid Vaccine Disparities Revealed in ZIP Code Knowledge: Officers

“The zip code data not only provides a map of where New Yorkers will be vaccinated, but also a roadmap for our Covid response,” said Dr. Easterling.

Also on Tuesday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo released data showing that white people were vaccinated more frequently than expected in every region across the state. But in most regions, blacks were vaccinated at about half the expected rate.

In New York City, for example, 58 percent of those vaccinated were white, while white people made up just 52 percent of the eligible population, according to the state. About 14.4 percent of those vaccinated were black, although more than 30 percent of the eligible population were black.

About 16 percent of people vaccinated in the city were Hispanic or Latino, but Hispanic or Latino make up about 24 percent of the eligible population, according to the state.

Experts say people across the country who live in underserved areas face a variety of barriers to vaccination, including registration systems and websites that can take hours to navigate, lack of transportation, and difficulty getting off work to get one Chance to get. Given the history of unethical medical research in the United States, many people in color communities are more reluctant to get vaccinated.

Mr de Blasio said Tuesday that a new vaccination site opened on Wednesday at Teachers Preparatory High School in Brownsville, Brooklyn, open six days a week, giving priority to home health workers and those living in Brownsville and East New York.

“This is about addressing inequality and doing something very tangible about it,” he said.

Another new vaccination site will open at the Empire Outlets in Staten Island on Thursday, he said.

The city vaccinated 317,227 people last week, including 55,339 people in one day, de Blasio said, adding that more than 10 percent of New Yorkers would now have received at least one dose. He said the city could vaccinate far more people each day if it could get more doses from the federal government.

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