MOTHER Calls Attention to Female Inequalities in the Arts

In spring 2017 Egg Collective opened the doors to their first group exhibition “Designing Women”. It was intended to draw attention to the inequalities women experience in the male-dominated design industry, promote diversity in representation by women, and celebrate the talented women working in the field in New York City. It celebrated women of all ages and their careers across a variety of materials, scales, and disciplines.

Event posters, Shawna X.

In spring 2018, Egg Collective presented “Designing Women II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens”. The exhibition featured an international group of works from contemporary and historical female voices. The conversation was about how women are successful, breaking new ground and developing their craft over time.

Wall art

Carman Winant, body index

This May, Designing Women III: MOTHER was inspired by a Harvard study that found the extent to which the pay gap between men and women could be explained by “maternity punishment”. It is defined as the belief that mothers are less committed to their work than their male colleagues – even if the men are fathers – and therefore are not paid straight away. The exhibition challenges this norm by highlighting the work of 29 artists who are also mothers and making remarkable contributions to the art and design landscape through their work. Historical and contemporary works of both fine art and design are presented.

Textile art, table, chair, stool

Charlotte Perriand, Loretta Pettway Bennett, river maps

The exhibition, curated together with Tealia Ellis Ritter, can be seen in the TriBeCa showroom of Egg Collective. Egg Collective is a New York-based design company founded by Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. The company also represents a small group of emerging contemporary artists and designers. Tealia Ellis Ritter is a trained fine art photographer whose work deals with the overlapping roles of photography as a personal document, time marker and physical object. Ritter is the mother of two children. Egg Collective’s Hillary Petrie is the mother of one.

Relief art

Elizabeth Atterbury


Eva Zeisel, Krug Schramberger majolica factory

Multimedia wall art

Faith Ringgold, dear Selma, every time I see a dime I think of you

Floor lamp, coffee table

Gae Aulenti, jumbo table, Natasha and Helena Sultan, Armor floor lamp

Wall shelves and stools

Hillary Petrie, unnamed bookcase

Wall art

Imogen Cunningham, Glacier Lily (False Hellebore)

Jean Pelle, Lure Radiata, Lelia Vignelli, “Metaphora” coffee table,

Chair, sculpture, wall shelves

Katrina Vonnegut, bow chair

Folding screen, stool

Kelly Behun, unnamed side table

Object art

Vautrin line

Living room with coffee tables and textile wall art

Lorretta Pettway Bennett, tank

Wall art

Louise Bourgeois, hair

Rope curtain, dining table, lamp

Lucia Derspinis, “Beehive” hanging lamp

Art sculpture

Luna Paiva, yucca

Sofa, coffee table, wallpaper

Rachel Cope, site-specific installation with a tightly packed palette of oil pens and gestural markings on raw linen or parchment paper

sculptural seating

Renate Mueller, Universum II: Shadows on the Moon

Wall art

Tahereh Fallahzadeh, Untitled and Untitled

repetitive wall art

Tealia Ellis Ritter, protective gestures

Gour women


Designing Women III: MUTTER will be on view in the Egg Collective showroom at 151 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 through May 29, 2021.

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