Moon Chalk, Modern Stationery, Oat Milk + More

1. Last year I received these chalk sets designed by Nikolas Bentel for Areaware as a gift and they were very much loved by my daughter and me. Each piece is so tactile and the way it is shaped encourages you to be creative with your drawings. They’re also very sturdy because my toddler likes to hit and pull the ball on the floor and it isn’t broken! It’s definitely a step further than your usual chalk pencils.

2. Probably what I miss most about prepandemic life (other than my family and friends) is discovering and eating in restaurants. When I came across Laundry Room Studios on Instagram, my heart felt a little painful from hearing most of those conversations in real life and / or saying it myself. Every time I find their posts on my IG feed, I stop and giggle a bit because they always make me happy and nostalgic. They also sell prints, with posters and dresses coming soon! My favorite is this one that I would hang in my kitchen.

3. It’s been a while since I picked up a paintbrush, but recently I took out my treasured watercolor supplies to paint with my daughter. I have to replenish the colors soon, and if I do I can bet I’ll be ordering from Case For Making, a San Francisco art store that makes and sells its handcrafted watercolors. The colors are so rich and opaque and come in hues that I can’t really find anywhere else. They use natural, high quality ingredients and binders as opposed to average commercial products that contain a range of filler ingredients. Case For Making also has ceramic pallets, its own line of paper, brushes and even an online workshop platform called Case For Making Friends, where you can create your own creations.

4. I first spotted Carrie Lau from OM Ceramics while visiting this one-of-a-kind Airbnb in LA and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the mugs I used during my stay. So much so that I Googled the brand and bought a set that I want to have in my home. Since then, I’ve enjoyed watching Carrie come up with new styles and experiment with new products like donut vases and ceramic lighting. I still want everyone and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

5. I always love receiving snail mail and want to send it out more often for no reason, rather than on special occasions. I recently discovered Maurele and I think it’s great that her custom stationery is available in modern fonts, colors and designs. The only difficult part is completing your favorite design!

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