Moog Sound Studio All-in-One Modular Synth Kits are Synesthesiational for Beginners

Compared to traditional instruments, the learning curve associated with learning to use a synthesizer can be intimidating. There is some level of technical competence when a synthesizer is missing while learning how to hit a key or play a string. Electronic music equipment brand Moog Music is looking to help demystify their gear by offering beginners full-featured kits that include two of the brand’s most versatile synthesizers – Moog Mother-32 & DFAM and DFAM & Subharmonicon.

Each kit is designed as a starter pack and includes all the cables, accessories, and teaching aids needed to explore the realms of synthesized analog soundscapes. And this in collaboration with two illustrators who underline the friendly entry-point spirit of these kits.

Moog invited illustrator Jim Stoten to embellish the Mother-32 & DFAM kit together with Philip Lindeman to create their own standalone but complementary colorful custom artwork in the form of characters, posters and other interactive objects for the Subharmonicon & DFAM pairing to complement any instrument setup.

Both the menagerie of characters and the illustrator’s colorful landscapes / backdrops convey more than just a little bit of the spirit of the highlights magazine and a Richard Scarry book.

Moog is also releasing Explorations in Analog Synthesis, a seven-song EP that shows the possibilities of any Moog Sound Studio synthesizer combo, with works by Bonobo, Peter Cottontale, a gorgeous vocal drone by Julianna Barwick, and others.

The Moog Sound Studio with Mother-32 and DFAM will be available for $ 1,399. The Moog Sound Studio with Subharmonicon and DFAM costs $ 1,449. Please visit for more information.

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