Microsoft will require vaccines for US workers, vendors, visitors

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Sean Gallup | Getty Images

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that employees would have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus from September in order to be able to enter its US offices. The software company will also obtain proof of vaccination for vendors and guests visiting the campus.

The move comes a week after US government agencies and other tech companies announced that they will require vaccinations for workers as the Delta variant of the virus becomes more common in the country.

Microsoft said its US facilities won’t fully reopen until October 4th at the earliest. The previous plan was to reopen on September 7th after closing in March 2020. Apple and Google have also delayed the return to offices.

Some employees have returned to the US offices in the past few months. Many other employees have tried to continue working remotely. Last year, Microsoft made a pledge to keep all employees working remotely less than half the time, and employees can ask managers for permission to work remotely or move full-time.

Employees with a religious reason or illness can get special housing, while employees caring for immunocompromised people or children who are not eligible for a vaccination can work from home until January, the spokesman said.

Facebook and Google are among the companies that have insisted that employees be vaccinated to return to their offices. Of Microsoft’s 181,000 employees, 103,000 work in the United States

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