Metamorfosi Bridges the Previous + Current of Moroso’s Seating

Celebrating your 60th anniversary deserves something big. When it was their turn, Italian luxury seating brand Moroso turned to Martino Gamper to work his magic on their theme of metamorphosis. In his playful Metamorfosi project, Gamper created a series of “mixed” furniture, each containing well-known Moroso products from various talented designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Häberli and Toshiyuki Kita.

When Gamper looks at Moroso’s furniture, he says that he sees raw materials with which he can respectfully create something new. For this process, Gamper takes one piece away and adds it to another – a kind of cut and paste – adding its highly personalized touch in the process.

Gamper explains his approach:

The problem of not being able to touch a piece when it has been designed by a well-known designer is typically Italian. These are products for industrial production. They are not unique pieces, so I am subjecting them to a metamorphosis. I take the creative process in reverse and put it back on the market.

over the colorful couch

colorful couch

colorful couch

colorful couch

colorful couch

colorful chair

Backrest of the colorful chair

in front of the chair

Side of the chair

in front of the colorful chair

Backrest of the colorful chair

Martino Gampe headshot

Martino Gampe, Photo: Maria Ziegelbock

Photos: Alessandro Paderni

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