Mega Tens of millions Ticket for $1 Billion Jackpot Was Bought in Michigan

The winning ticket to a $ 1 billion jackpot, the third largest lottery prize in US history, was sold in a Michigan grocery store, according to state lottery officials.

The winning numbers, drawn on Friday night, were obtained from a customer at a Kroger grocery store in Novi, a town of about 60,000 people 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

State lottery officials said the winner’s identity will not be known until the person contacts them.

The winner can choose to receive the award through an initial payment and then annual payments for 29 years or receive a one-time cash payment of approximately $ 739 million. If so, the winner would receive approximately $ 530 million after taxes, state lottery officials said.

The odds of winning the jackpot were 1 in 302,575,350, according to Mega Millions. The winning numbers in the Mega Millions lottery were 4, 26, 42, 50 and 60 with a Mega Ball number of 24.

The numbers were picked two days after the numbers were selected for a winning ticket in a $ 731 million Powerball jackpot sold in Lonaconing, Md., A former mining town in the virus-ridden northwest corner of the Country. The winning ticket was sold at the Coney Market, a supermarket that sells subs and pizza in Lonaconing, a town of about 1,200 in Allegany County that has the highest number of Covid-19 cases per capita in the state. About a quarter of the population of Lonaconing lives below the poverty line, according to census data.

A spokeswoman for Kroger congratulated the winner in Michigan, and Novi Mayor Bob Gatt said the news came a month after the city was named “Second Most Innovative City in the Country” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

He described Novi as a rapidly growing city that was once a rural outpost of Detroit but was now an automobile manufacturing hub that attracted tech companies like Google.

Mr. Gatt said he was “excited” about the winner. “I would be better if I had the winning ticket,” he said.

The jackpot was the second largest prize in Mega Millions history.

In 2018, a person who chose to remain anonymous won $ 1.537 billion in South Carolina. According to Mega Millions, this prize is still the world’s largest lottery prize that has ever been awarded with a single ticket.

The largest lottery prize ever awarded in the US was a Powerball jackpot of $ 1.586 billion in 2016, according to The Associated Press. It was split among three ticket winners in California, Florida and Tennessee.

Persistent mythology has it that big jackpot winners are cursed for their lucky hits. There have been numerous reports of winners unable to manage their newfound assets and continued to struggle with drugs or alcohol, ruined relationships, and bankruptcy.

While an influential 1978 study found that lottery winners were no happier than their neighbors or more optimistic about the future, other studies have contradicted the notion of the so-called lottery curse.

The studies suggest that the winners’ overall psychological well-being increases again over time.

In 2018, a New Hampshire woman filed a lawsuit to prevent her name from being released to the public after winning $ 560 million in the Powerball lottery.

The lawyers for the woman, who called herself Jane Doe in the lawsuit, said she wanted to use some of her winnings for charity, “far from the glory and bad luck that other lottery winners have often seen”.

A judge allowed her to remain anonymous.

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