Meet the Latest Addition to W&P: Charcoal Terrazzo

We love W & P’s Porter Terrazzo Collection so you can imagine how excited we were to find out they are releasing a new addition! Get to know the new Charcoal Terrazzo Collection. In contrast to the bright colors of the previous versions, this one is elegant, refined and timeless.
This chic and sustainable option is the perfect addition to everything else in your Porter collection – or a great first piece for your eco-friendly beverage and food collection. The sample comes in the porter bottle, 12 ounce and 16 ounce porter tumbler, porter glass, and porter utensil set.

>>> Buy >>> Porter Charcoal Terrazzo Glass

Porter Terrazzo Small Cup

>>> Buy >>> Porter Charcoal Terrazzo 12oz Mug

Porter Terrazzo Tall Cup

>>> Buy >>> Porter Charcoal Terrazzo 16oz mug

Porter terrazzo bottle

>>> Buy >>> Porter Charcoal Terrazzo water bottle

Porter Terrazzo Utensils

>>> Buy >>> Porter Charcoal Terrazzo Utensil Set

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