Meditation Cushions, Smart Home Fragrances + More

1. Walden meditation cushion set
Like so many people, I worked on myself more than usual in the past year. Part of that was adding a meditation practice to my daily routine. I started with an app and branched out from there, but still wasn’t sure what to do with my body. Lay on my bed Sit on the couch? Support me in a corner Then I was introduced to the Walden brand and their brilliant meditation pillow set and hit the jackpot. Not only is it comfortable while maintaining your posture, it also has a number of great features in its construction. Materials that fit your body, a moisture-resistant antimicrobial cover, a layer of gel-infused memory foam, a hypoallergenic buckwheat filling, and even a handle.

2. Pura Smart Device
In the last few years I have experimented with different room fragrance systems. Some were very nice, but the refills were way too expensive. Others worked for a while and then inevitably broke a few months later. But I think I finally found the sweet spot with the Pura Smart Device. I’ve been using it in my bedroom for a couple of months and continue to be impressed. This small, remarkably inexpensive device attaches to the wall and can absorb two scents at the same time. You set it up in the easy-to-use app and then control the scent intensity, a schedule and even the recurring refill delivery if you want. Pura does a lot more than I can share here, but if I’m impressed I bet you are, too.

woven blanket

3. Bearabys The Hugger Weighted Blanket
I’ve tried a weighted blanket in the past that gets its weight from tiny pearls inside and it wasn’t my favorite. As a light sleeper, any kind of noise wakes me – including the pearls that move every time I move. Bearaby recently released The Hugger, a queen-size cotton blanket that is completely plastic-free. Not only do I like the way it covers my entire bed and the minimal design elements, but that the weight comes from the material of the blanket itself. No switching, no noise, just a feeling of well-being.

Smartphone screen with woman

4. Chanel lip scanner
While there are other color-coordinated AI apps out there, I’ve never seen one like Chanel’s lip scanner. Do you see a color that you think would look great as a lipstick? Scan it and Chanel has a range of products in this shade from over 400 lip products. In addition to color matching, the app can also customize matt or glossy surfaces. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can try it on for yourself thanks to very smart face scanning technology. Save your photos for later or order directly from the app.

Notebook diary

5. Studio Snerd Montreal Journal
I am a recognized notebook and diary hoarder and have been since my childhood. There is just something about the potential of these white pages that gives me hope of what could be written on them. I prefer a spiral binding over a perfect spine so that I can fold it back on itself. The perforated pages of the Montreal Journal are the icing on the cake (along with the black and white graphic pattern!).

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