Look To MARdiROS for Modern, Timeless Decor

If your taste in home decor leads you to modern choices that stand the test of time, you should turn your attention towards MARdiROS. While her pieces are made for everyday wear without nonsensical clean lines, you can also find features that enhance functionality while adding to her aesthetic. All MARdiROS merchandise is designed and manufactured locally in Montreal, Canada. Local artisans use high quality materials to create durable goods with great attention to detail that will enhance the flow of your life. Which piece is your favorite?

ANGLE, gray

Wall shelf

ANGLE, light gray, small


BRISTOL, black, great


BRISTOL, sand, small

Bulletin board

BUNGEE, black, small

Wall hook

FLEXI, black

Wall hook


Wall clock

RESET, black

Wall mirror

SHELFIE, small

Wall pockets

TACO, great

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