Lighting Collection by Lindsey Adelman Inspired by Nomadic Wandering

Inspired by the spirit of spontaneous wandering, Lindsey Adelman Studio has launched their latest light release Paradise, a collaborative collection made up of opaque and translucent cones, cylinders, spheres and diamonds.

The textured glass balls are blown by the Brooklyn-based studio Michiko Sakano and Vetro Vero in Pennsylvania and accented with heavy handcrafted brass chains, slender polished pencils, and splashes of color. Electric wires are woven into the lights, which the New York textile artist Taryn Urushido crochets almost invisibly through the brass chains. The collection is highly customizable as the flowing designs can adapt to any space. The end result is a collection of sconces and pendants that will dazzle and stun all over the room.

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