Leta Creates the Atlas Collection to Celebrate Special Places on Earth

Inspired by the fact that the world and its beautiful places are actually architecture shaped by nature, designers Katya Alagich and Michael Tantsura have that Atlas Collection for their jewelry company years. Each piece in the collection follows the contours of a specific place, such as the coast of the Côte d’Azur or the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Instead of harsh angles and symmetrical shapes, you’ll find that the Atlas pieces are characterized by their soft, curved lines and unexpected vertical drops, much like the places that shape their symbolic design.

Each piece is gold plated with a matte finish and an unusual sandy texture. Whether you have visited these places in real life and associate them with a memory, or the wanderlust to visit them in the future, the pieces of the Atlas collection are reminiscent of the wondrous places on earth as well as physical objects that celebrate you .

Atlas Amur gold-plated silver ring

gold-plated silver ring on the hand

gold plated ring on rock

Atlas Riviera gold plated ring

gold-plated ring on the hand

modern gold ring on rock

Atlas San Francisco gold plated ring

modern gold ring on hand

gold plated necklace on rock

Atlas Teide gold plated necklace

gold-plated necklace on the model

gold necklace with pendant on rock

Atlas Bosphorus Gold Plated Medallion Necklace

Gold medallion chain on the model

modern gold hoop earrings on wood

Atlas Cabo da Roca gold-plated hoop earrings

modern gold hoop earrings on the model

gold dangling earrings on rocks

Atlas Cinque Terre gold plated silver jacket earrings

gold earrings on the model

gold earrings on wood

Atlas Nuwara Eliya gold plated earrings

gold earrings on the model

Gold bracelet in sand on rock

Atlas Mgahinga gold plated layered bracelet

Gold bracelet on the model

Gold bracelet on wood

Atlas Luzon gold-plated bracelet

Gold brooch with wood and sand

Atlas Iguazu gold-plated brooch

Gold brooch on the model

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