Knots Studio Adds a Soft Playful Twist to Cushions + Stools

based in Tel Aviv Node studio Landed on our radar in 2016 and now we have added their playful designs to the Design Milk Shop! Founded in 2013 by Neta Tesler, a graduate of the Textile Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, who was inspired by nautical aesthetics. After many experiments, Tesler found a binding technique that led to their first product collection. Now Knots Studio produces a range of floor cushions, decorative pillows, stools and benches, each woven or knotted with a rigid foam filling and hard-wearing textiles. The wooden parts of the stools and cushion rings are handcrafted to complete the designs. It’s impossible to pick favorites as there are 119 products, but we’ve narrowed down a handful that we’d love to take home!

>>> Large black and white cotton knot floor cushion

Pink knot floor pillows in the nursery

>>> Large Pink Rose Vegan Suede Knot Floor Cushion

blue velvet knot floor pillow

>>> Medium royal blue velvet knot floor cushion

Floor pillows with knots

>>> (Above) Mustard-colored cotton knot pillow
>>> (Middle) Medium Earth Red Vegan Suede Knot Floor Cushions
>>> (Below) Large, vegan suede knot floor cushion in camel

gray and white striped knot pillow

>>> Gray & white cotton knot pillow

pink knot pillow

>>> Pink Rose Vegan Suede Knot Pillow

yellow knot stool knot

>>> Stool made of cotton knot in mustard

Stool with black and white stripes

>>> Black and white cotton stripe knot stool

black velvet knot stool

>>> Black velvet knot bar stool

Velvet woven bench

>>> Double bench made of plaited velvet in plum

green velvet woven stool

>>> Olive green velvet woven stool

>>> To discover the Knots Studio collection, visit the Design Milk Shop here! <

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