Jumping Back Into Travel With Minimalist + Comfortable Accessories

The luggage is well worth the money if you plan to travel by plane. Durable, robust and reliable, The hard-wired case from Tuplus ensures that your transit runs smoothly and that your belongings are secured.

Let’s be honest. There isn’t a total way to get comfortable while driving, however KNITTED PILLOW’s Go neck pillow comes pretty close. Thanks to its unique 360-degree design, it provides supportive memory foam comfort while you read, relax, or take a quick nap.

Series of five colored reusable water bottles

Thanks to the recycled cabin air on an airplane, your skin is prone to dryness if you don’t stay hydrated. Such a reusable water bottle LARQ bottle is key to making sure you are drinking enough water to keep you looking fresh when you arrive. This stands out from normal bottles as it also cleans your water with UV-C LED light.

Bottle of cooling facial spray

A good trick to staying hydrated is also like a face mist Alder New York’s cooling mineral water mist. It’s also good for cooling down after a workout and as a desk companion when you need a quick refreshment.

Man with hard hat go on white scooter

Sometimes a short drive is so fast that you don’t even need a car. If your stay is close enough to travel by bike or scooter, stay safe with it Closca’s original flip-up helmet that folds up to take up less space.

Man in pink shirt with blue scarf wrapped around his neck

One of your most versatile packaging items will be a scarf, like this one from Studio Variously. It can fold into a makeshift pillow for comfortable rest, keep you warm as a light blanket, or provide aromatherapy for stressful transits when sprinkled with your favorite essential oils.

blue and white striped bag carried by a man

The original bag from Notabag takes up no space in your luggage at all and is especially helpful when you discover you’ve bought too many souvenirs (* guilty handshake *).

Travel double kit

A good dopp kit is hard to find and this one from Vocier checks some requirements: scratch-resistant, non-yellowing transparent windows so that you can find what you need quickly and three perfectly sized containers for transferring your most important liquids and lotions.

Denim blue slip-on sneakers

When traveling, sneakers are the right choice. Who knows how long you have to stand in line or rush to the gate to change gates? based in London Uniform standard designs well-crafted sneakers from fine Italian leather and recycled rubber for durability and style.

black face mask on man

After all, your ultimate must-have is a mask. Closas masks are antibacterial, antiviral, and have a firmness that makes it fit your face better. Stay healthy and travel safely!

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