Joe Biden $400 unemployment enhance would exchange 86% of common wages

Alex Wong | Getty Images News | Getty Images

$ 400 weekly boost

According to the latest data from the US Department of Labor, workers received an average of $ 323 per week in government benefits in the third quarter of last year. This aid replaced about 38% of their average pre-layoff wage, which was $ 843 per week.

A $ 400 increase in benefits would increase this replacement rate to 86%.

The addition would go further in some states, especially those that tend to perform poorly.

For example, in Louisiana, the average worker received $ 183 per week in November, according to the US Department of Labor. For them, an increase of $ 400 would mean an increase in weekly benefits of 219%.

Massachusetts, on the other hand, gave the average person $ 491 a week, the largest payout of any state in November. A $ 400 increase for this worker would increase benefits by 81%.

According to the Department of Labor, more than 18 million Americans were receiving unemployment benefits as of late 2020.

States are currently in the process of improving the benefits of the recently passed $ 900 billion Covid Relief Act by $ 300 per week. It should end in mid-March.

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