Jinyeong Yeon Creates Padded Chairs Out of Leftover Puffer Coats

Jinyeong Yeon is a Seoul-based industrial designer who creates works that explore a range of materials specifically used for other purposes. The latest is the Padded Chair, a collaboration with South Korean design brand shirter, which offered some of their unsold goose down puffer jackets for the project. The two chairs are made from Shirter Big Goose down jackets, which were perfectly fine and functional, but difficult to sell. Instead of throwing them, Yeon gives them new life and creates two unique and cozy chairs.

The puffer jackets are filled with goose down, which gives any chair a padded feel, almost like sitting in a chair wearing your own puff coat. The original pockets and seams are retained and add fun details to the design, as do the new sewing lines that adapt the coats to the shape of the chair.

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