Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion Sold for $51 Million

Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion was sold for approximately $ 51 million to an unknown buyer going to a fund that will repay the sexually abused victims of the shamed financier.

A lawyer for Mr. Epstein’s estate said the seven-story mansion on East 71st Street was sold earlier this week – but for well below the initial price of $ 88 million.

The sale closed after a U.S. Virgin Islands judge denied an attempt by the Territory’s Attorney General to freeze the sale of additional assets from his estate, now valued at approximately $ 240 million. After being valued at nearly $ 600 million, the property has paid out expenses including taxes and contributions to the Restitution Fund, which has distributed approximately $ 55 million to dozens of Mr. Epstein’s accusers.

Attorney General Denise George requested the property freeze after the property declared a financial crisis was preventing it from providing new money to the Restitution Fund. The judge who oversaw the administration of Mr. Epstein’s estate ruled that Ms. George had no legal authority to request the freezing of the property.

A deed for the sale has yet to be registered, but Daniel Weiner, one of the estate’s attorneys, said in an email that the funds from the sale have been transferred to the compensation program so it can “resume issuing new claims assessments” .

Several other important transactions are imminent, including the sale of Mr. Epstein’s homes in Palm Beach, Florida; Paris; and New Mexico and the two private islands he owned in the Virgin Islands. However, the sale of the islands won’t come any time soon: Ms. George’s office placed a lien on them as part of the civil lawsuit she filed last year against Mr. Epstein’s estate.

Mr Epstein committed suicide in federal custody in August 2019, one month after his sex trafficking arrest. To date, about 150 women – most of whom claim to have been sexually abused by Mr. Epstein as a teenager – have registered with the Refund Fund to file claims.

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