Jeep pulls Springsteen Tremendous Bowl advert after information of his drunken-driving cost.

After years courting Bruce Springsteen to appear in his first commercial, Jeep picked up the ad on Wednesday after it was revealed the rock legend was charged with drunk driving in November.

The two-minute spot with Mr. Springsteen in the rural middle of the country calling for a white jeep unit was filmed last month and aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The biggest televised event of the year on-air time cost most advertisers $ 5.5 million over 30 seconds.

The charges against Mr. Springsteen, which included reckless driving and driving in New Jersey on November 14, went public on Wednesday. His first virtual court appearance is expected to take place at the end of February.

Jeep removed the Super Bowl ad, which was created by a creative team chosen by Mr. Springsteen, from its Twitter feed and YouTube page. The Sunday night commercial was the second most viewed game day spot on YouTube, after the Amazon ad and ahead of the Cadillac and Uber Eats commercials.

“It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the details of a matter that we have only read about and that we cannot justify,” Jeep said in a statement. “But it’s also right that we pause our big game commercial until the real facts are known.”

“The message of community and unity is still relevant,” the company said. “What’s the message that drinking and driving can never be tolerated.”

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