It is Nationwide Puzzle Month – Let’s Have fun!

Who knew it was National Puzzle Month, but apparently it’s a thing, so we’re here to celebrate! Haven’t we all been celebrating puzzles in the last 10 months of quarantine? Spending so much time at home has made us all love puzzles. So we thought we’d share some new modern day puzzles that ended up in our store. Look at her!

>>> Buy >>> Many Moods – 500-piece puzzle from Inner Piece Puzzles
With a finished size of 16 “x 20”, this new puzzle features an abstract portrait that is colorful and playful and definitely creates a happy mood when you put it together.

>>> Buy >>> Iridescent Waves Puzzle by Waves Puzzle Co.
It may only have 49 pieces and is 8 “x 8”, but this laser cut Lucite puzzle is harder than it looks. The eye-catching, dazzling pieces can be put together in more ways than the solution stated on the packaging, allowing you to explore more geometric possibilities!

>>> Buy >>> Nightmare in Paradise by Shawna X for common habits
This colorful 500-piece jigsaw puzzle features a captivating scene depicting a sunset swim with dark humor – is it a pool swimmer or a predator? You have to choose.

>>> Buy >>> Gradient 1,000-piece puzzle – teal / blue / purple by Areaware
Back with a new version of their popular history puzzles, this new 20 “x 28” puzzle transforms between three soothing colors – teal, blue, and purple – that will make you forget a tough day.

>>> Buy >>> Tattoo Girl – 500-piece puzzle from Inner Piece Puzzles
Another new design that shows the art of Aniek Bartels of a girl covered in tattoos. Just like with real tattoos, this puzzle takes time and patience to get to the bottom line, but it’s well worth it if you do.

>>> Buy >>> Little Puzzle Thing® | Series 5: Ice cream from Areaware
The latest version of the Little Puzzle Thing® series from Areaware includes all six mini-puzzles with delicious Van Leeuwen ice cream. Each puzzle is approximately 8 “x 8” and has at least 70 pieces. This makes them a great treat if you have a limited amount of time.

>>> You can find more puzzles here in the Design Milk Shop! <

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