Instantly Fashionable FENDI x Vintage Polaroid Develops a Wavy New Design

The FENDI x Vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 instant camera is reminiscent of a time when instant film ruled not Instagram, but rather. It is part of the fashion label’s Summer 2021 Capsule Collection, which is decorated with a multi-colored FF Vertigo logo motif and has a wavy fisheye treatment.

The graphic treatment – described as “70s references with a” 90s vibe “- is attributed to New York based artist Sarah Coleman, who transformed the iconic, inverted monogram with double letters into a looser, more contemporary and more playful design to beautify the exterior of the instant camera. FENDI’s partnership with Coleman arose at Design Miami / 2020 Edition, where she was commissioned to reinterpret the Miami Design District’s FENDI boutique and create a range of unique design pieces.

First released in 1992, the Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 camera is equipped with a 110mm lens, an aperture of 1:10, a fixed focus lens of 4 ‘- infinity and a sliding close-up lens (ideal for taking photos from 2 ‘- 4’ distance), built-in flash with manual override and Polaroid 600 film. With Coleman’s touch of “giving everyday objects an ironic, top-class atmosphere”, the instant camera develops a completely new personality.

The limited edition FENDI x Vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 instant camera is available in FENDI boutiques worldwide and on for $ 950. Optionally, a cheaper Polaroid x Teva vintage Polaroid 600 co-branded camera is available for $ 160. However, our favorite design remains the Lacoste x Polaroid capsule collection with rainbow colors and crocodile motifs.

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