IKEA Breezes in With the FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

Given their ongoing efforts to become the one stop shop for everything at home, it seemed only a matter of time before Swedish IKEA moved into the air purifier category. The newly announced FÖRNUFTIG air purifier shares some of the same stylistic elements as its previous smart home technology endeavors – wireless speakers, shutters, and lighting – with versatile portability and home decor-friendly design.

The IKEA air purifier is quite compact, a 4 “x 18” x 12 “design that can either be mounted on a stand or even on the wall. A built-in handle also makes it easy to move around a house as needed. IKEA notes That the FÖRNUFTIG is optimized for smaller rooms with an area of ​​around 30 square meters. It is therefore best suited for cleaning the indoor air in rooms such as the home office and the bedroom. Due to its portability, it could also be in or nearby in the kitchen to “reduce unpleasant smells from smoking and cooking”.

The double interchangeable filter system filters particles such as dust and pollen out of the air up to PM2.5 and has a simple dial to keep operation refreshingly simple (and therefore affordable).

FÖRNUFTIG is available in black and white for a reasonable $ 54.99. Replacement filters sell for $ 9.99 and $ 5.49, respectively. The pair is designed to absorb various gaseous pollutants or particles in the air.

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