How to Get Online Fast With the Help of a Squarespace Expert

A creative entrepreneur who sets up a shop online has to master many things at the same time: branding, photography, copywriting, coding, advertising – and that in addition to his “real” work, be it mid-century-inspired ceramics or interior design or portrait photography. Learning any of these website skills can take a lifetime and could take your attention away from the work you are most passionate about. Perhaps you have the time, inclination and emotional breadth to learn the big topics like excellent website design and search strategies, but also the details of how best to incorporate your brand’s colors into your page layout, to editing your About text. Side. On the other hand, you might want to spend as much time as possible creating beautiful portraits, unique ceramics, or beautiful rooms for your clients rather than sitting behind your laptop.

Squarespace can do it. The basics are easier there than anywhere else: with a one-year membership, you get a custom domain for free and you avoid additional fees for must-haves like privacy registration, SSL security certificates, and renewals. (If your domain is registered elsewhere, you can move it to Squarespace with minimal effort.)

Going Beyond the Basics: When creative professionals join Squarespace, they can have an online store with a fast, beautiful, and search-optimized website in a matter of hours, thanks to super-stylish templates that do most of the work for you. Squarespace users can get help 24/7 through the customer service hotline and community forums – as well as regular live webinars on getting started online, building your store, and growing your audience. And for Squarespace members like jewelry designer Hannah Jewett, the platform’s video tutorials provide all the instructions they need to sell their work: “I love the tutorial videos! I taught myself most of my jewelry and 3D modeling skills on YouTube, so I’m a huge fan of Squarespace’s knowledge library. ”

But maybe you only get 90 percent of the time you want to go, or maybe you want to concentrate fully on your work. Fortunately, you don’t have to ask for a freelancer whose style (and budget expectations) may or may not suit your needs: hiring a Squarespace Expert through their marketplace can handle all of those needs at once.

read white and gray website page how to find an expert

Squarespace reviews its list of designers and developers (basically, the former determine what your website looks like, while the latter determine how it works). You also have plenty of opportunities to see examples of your Squarespace expert’s previous work and find a style that suits you. Not sure who best suits your aesthetics and technical requirements? It is very easy to be “matched” with an expert. Just fill out a short form describing what you are looking for. Squarespace experts can tackle anything from a full site build – building your website from scratch – to design reviews that give you a professional look at how your site looks. Whether you want to add a large (or small) number of products or set up online payments, other experts can focus 100 percent on your ecommerce needs. Maybe you just need to do a small task, such as For example, you can change a font, format a text or set up a new form. A Squarespace Expert can do the same.

white website page with mediaspace

Squarespace experts include teams like Mediaspace who have worked on over 300 projects on the platform. Her work includes full site builds, setting up online stores, design and marketing tasks. Take a look at the expressive website they created for New York creative agency Traffic, or the Hermosa Beach studio SoHo Yoga, where customers can find out about upcoming courses and workshops and shop in the brand’s showrooms.

colorful website with the inscription TRAFFIC in white

Website with a beach photo and reading SOHO YOGA

white website page with The Mompop

Squarespace’s team of experts, The MomPop, can create new websites from scratch, improve the functionality of your existing website, or build your first online store. They create creative, sophisticated websites for creative experts like Lauren O’Connell, as well as shops for the San Francisco brand One New Road, which sells handcrafted scarves from India.

Website with Lauren 'OConnell

Website with pictures of household products reading One New Road

No matter what kind of task you’re trying to tackle, large or small, from the most extensive redesign to the smallest letter kerning, a Squarespace expert can cross a number of tasks off your list. It is perhaps the best investment you can make in your business: one that will give you more sales and more time to do what you love.

When you’re ready to share your own vision with the world or build a new brand, take the first step with Squarespace today. Start your free two week trial and use the coupon code DESIGNMILK if you want to get a 10% discount on your first domain.

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