How Apple turned dongles into a big business

If you’ve bought a computer or phone in the past five years, you know what a dongle is. You connect headphones to charging ports, laptops to TVs or card readers, etc. Nowadays it is difficult to do many everyday technical tasks without them, which makes dongles big business. This is in large part due to Apple removing its headphone jack from the iPhone range in 2016 and switching almost entirely to USB-C ports (now Thunderbolt 3) on its computers in 2016.

Apple, Belkin, and other accessory companies have created a huge market for these dongles that, according to Facts and Factors, will raise more than $ 25 billion by 2027. Most of their money goes to dongles – Steve Malony, Belkin CEO, said, that around 70% of his business was once done with dongles – invests in the future of device connections.

Watch the video to learn more.

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