Hex by TURF Design Absorbs Office Sounds With a Dimensional Tile

As offices prepare for the return of their residents, the need for effective sound absorption in commercial and public spaces will increase, especially as we emerge from the pandemic and follow guidelines for continuous social distancing in the workplace. TURF Design has just launched Hex Tiles which offer a new solution that goes beyond traditional flat acoustic tiles. They dampen noise and give every room a dimensional design.

Hex is made of TURF’s PET felt, a 60% polyester pre-consumer plastic, and connects four triangles to form a convex, multi-dimensional shape. The hexagonal shape together forms a central triangle that can be positioned in many ways and in different directions. Combined with the previously launched reed tile or on its own, Hex results in a graphically impressive wall that effectively absorbs noise and benefits all types of spaces. Hex is available in 8 TURF Textures (a digitally printed wood design with virtually no repetitions for a completely natural look) in a choice of 30 colors.

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