HELIUM-10000 Is a $10,000 Gas-Filled Jacket That Floats Like a Balloon

When designers speak of “blue skies” they usually refer to unlimited brainstorming sessions, the purely creative exercise of exploring “what if”. The helium jacket HELIUM-10000 by designer Andrew Kostman is a blue sky idea that comes to life. The fashion is meant to literally float like a balloon over the head of the owner.

Details are currently hardly known. The HELIUM-10000 is simply described as “the first inflatable helium jacket designed in Italy and made in Japan”. Apart from a particularly shimmering color scheme, the jacket resembles a large number of puffy outerwear already available … except for “puffier”. While the HELIUM-10000 is designed to be worn normally like any jacket, it’s also designed to be filled with its namesake element and to inflate and float like a party balloon when removed (we’d admit we had a certain level of disappointment discover when we discover this The jacket does not allow the wearer to float like a balloon when the HELIUM 10000 jacket is on.

Kostman’s floating outerwear is made from a “top secret” material that gives the jacket tensile strength while being light enough to float. Combined with a helium cylinder, the jacket can be filled with the lighter, which is lighter than air, to turn clothes into an accessory that looks at me. The designer promises: “… this is not just a concept, but a real product that has been in development for months. Were in [the] Optimization and micro-adjustment phase … Try other materials as well. “

The designer has also announced a similar accessory – the Fury Rocket, a wireless bluetooth music box inspired by the HELIUM-10000 helium jacket that mimics the floating and spinning feeling in miniature.

Only 100 of the HELIUM 10000 jackets are made, available in six different color options – Rainbow N, Vanta, Rose, Gold, Ice and Silver. Before you dream of dreaming of your own classy gas jacket, however, be aware that this limited edition piece starts at $ 10,000 each – a handsome price for a fashionable folly.

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