Gucci Garden Invites All Into a Surreal Virtual Roblox Installation

The announcement of the imaginative installation of the Italian fashion house Gucci in the Palazzo of the brand in Florence, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, comes as no surprise. The network of kaleidoscopic Gucci Garden archetypes, with themed rooms and corridors, sparkles and glows at every corner, as one would expect from luxury goods and fashion houses commemorating a centenary. Alongside this short-lived manifestation in the real world, an eyebrow-raising project has been announced: a partnership with Roblox, an online game world creation platform and game creation system, and a metaverse virtual experience that makes the known as Gucci Garden’s counterpart in the real world.

The 100-year-old Gucci garden archetype by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who was designed in collaboration with short-lived architect, Archivio Personale, already deals with the imaginary as a multi-room exhibition, in the house’s campaigns from the past six years as a “sensory journey “To be revived. .

The IRL Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibition traces the last 6 years of Gucci advertising campaigns with vivid grandeur.

“I found it interesting to accompany people in these first six years of the adventure and to invite them to cross the imaginary, the narrative, the unexpected, the glittering. That’s why I created a playground for emotions that is identical to the campaigns, as this represents the most explicit journey in my images, ”says Alessandro Michele.

But it’s the Gucci Garden on the Roblox gaming platform that has generated equal parts surprise and curiosity. The online Metaverse installation invites guests to dress in the shape of a blank digital avatar – a mannequin – and incorporate elements of the exhibition to embellish their online counterpart with digital artwork and samples. Visitors can also choose from a boutique of limited-edition items for their avatars created for the experience, including a Gucci Dionysus bag, Gucci diamond-framed sunglasses, a Gucci GG Marmont bag, and a Gucci headband.

Gucci Garden is another example of the blurring between virtual and real as COVID-related restrictions dampen events in the real world and the NFTs rise in the creative arena. One wonders whether the game creation engine popular with teenagers, which allows players to customize their own sandbox worlds and create mini-games in multiplayer, will be the first of many popular interventions by fashion brands or an individual in the digital realm. Off-experiment only for most of Gucci’s gang.

Can’t make it to the Gucci Garden Archetypes centenary installation in Florence? Take a virtual look at the Roblox Gucci Garden Experience, available through Roblox through May 31st this month.

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