Greatest Wellness Posts of 2020

5. Crave allows you to personalize your pleasure
Instead of blushing with shame or embarrassment, we can choose not to let our desires hold us back, make these conversations the norm, and instead take pride in our pleasures. That is exactly what Crave wants to do, and the latest launch, the Crave Duet Pro, coupled with a unique, hands-on Build-A-Vibe experience can help you do just that.

4. How to design a home with your health, fitness and happiness in mind
Finding the perfect antique dresser or shade of white paint can be important, but style and aesthetics alone won’t bring happiness to your home. Instead, it’s the behind-the-scenes elements that really matter, like the flow of a space, organization and storage, optimal lighting and the integration of smart technology. Thankfully, a new book came to town that addresses all of that and more. Written by author Jamie Gold, a professional kitchen and bathroom designer and a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach. Wellness By Design: A Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness, and Happiness will help you change the way you feel in and about your home with functional, actionable tips that go beyond aesthetics.

3. Improving Your Health: 5 Small, Pill-Size Ways To Do Just That
Due to COVID-19, taking care of ourselves is a huge priority right now. While there are so many basic steps you can take (hand washing is the most basic!), The easiest step takes even less than 20 seconds: take your vitamins. We’ve rounded up five companies challenging older brands to improve your health in small (pill-sized, to be precise) ways that make a difference.

2. Train your brain to improve your sanity with core meditation
Meditation is a proven way to promote mental wellbeing, but sometimes it can be difficult to stick to a routine or get into practice when there is no one to hold us accountable. If you nod your head in agreement, Core may speak to you. Like exercising muscles in your body to improve your physical health, Core helps you train your brain like a muscle to improve your mental health.

And the most popular wellness contribution of 2020 is …

1. Close the Pleasure Gap: How Lady Takes Care of Your Sexual Wellbeing
When it comes to self-care, sexual wellbeing isn’t often addressed. Yes, it’s more of a topic reserved for the innermost circle of friends who can overcome your initial embarrassment over such an intimate topic. Even so, topics like sex toys, orgasms, and taking care of our inner needs still hold an uncomfortable stigma, even though sexual wellbeing plays an important role in our overall health and happiness. Enter Dame, a brand owned by Kickstarter that makes vibrators, lubricants, pillows, and more to help you achieve satisfaction while feeling empowered instead of shy or embarrassed. Dame products are designed for all ages, genders, races, backgrounds and lifestyles and are thoughtful and beautifully designed. They are none other than the egregious sex toys you might think of.

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