Greatest Get Out! Posts of 2020

10. Rehome your plants with the Terra Collection
Georg Jensen has just launched a new joint collection with Snøhetta, Terra, a range of pots and plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use made of steel and terracotta that feel fresh and yet familiar at the same time.

9. The Motive Collection blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting
In collaboration with designer Justin Champaign, Landscape Forms has launched a unique and innovative lighting collection – Motifs. This series blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor lighting and expands the possibilities for use in various decorative environments, such as: B. Building entrances and paths.

8. Plant Seads turns chain link fence into vertical gardens
Last year Bryan Meador was very frustrated with the government and multinationals’ response to climate change. The subject just wasn’t urgent enough. His answer lies in the founding of Plant Seads and is inspired by the way nature manages to create openings for life by adapting to its surroundings. Their first product offering is a planter that fits on a chain link fence and is made from recycled plastic milk jugs. The hope is that these SeadPods will enable people to grow vertical gardens in places that were previously inaccessible.

7. Loll Designs has two new outdoor collections made with recycled plastic
Well known for its recycled plastic Adirondack chairs, Loll Designs has launched two new spring outdoor collections made from recycled milk jugs: Sunnyside and Platform One. The modern backyard designs make a statement with a variety of upholstered seating options that invite you to relax and enjoy.

6. Dream of the Italian outdoor lifestyle with the Makemake collection
The great outdoors is always a beautiful haven, and no more than at this moment. The Makemake collection designed by studioPang for Terraforma includes a modular sofa, bench, tables, dining room chairs, deck chairs, stools and a sun lounger with soft lines and style for days.

5. The Calamus Duo combines graphic design and furniture design
Steve Wolf and Brandon Kershner – also known as Karni Studio – have together created a duo of products that reached for inspiration and elements from two different worlds. Calamus was inspired by graphics, architecture and furniture design of the Bauhaus era. It is difficult to look at these pieces without smiling because their shapes and forms are nothing short of happy when used together.

4. Expand your living space with the urban balcony from Unopiù
Urban Balcony is a wall construction made of Iroku wood that is available with various accessories that allow you to take full advantage of the limited space outdoors. Urban Balcony was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Unopiù and is a modular, flexible system that allows you to create a space for entertainment, relaxation or even work.

3. The Caicos Outdoor Furniture Collection is bold + sustainable
Row after row of parallel slats form a bold linear element that runs uniformly throughout the Caicos outdoor collection. The Caicos pieces designed by Ramón Esteve for RH are inspired by the international style of the 1950s. Each modular seat and table is made from sustainably harvested teak and creates power from simplicity to masterfully define any outdoor area.

2. Embrace stylish outdoor living with Minotti’s Lifescape Collection
The Lifescape collection from Minotti is full of character and elegance and promotes an outdoor lifestyle full of comfort, quality and aesthetics. Each piece in the collection has been designed with a specific purpose in mind and compliments the others. It is characterized by its own details, refined design, finish and texture.

And the most popular get out! Post from 2020 is …

1. Beehive allows you to save the bees from your own garden
If you’re a fan of bee rescue or just want to add a new hobby to your repertoire, check out this collaboration between Loll Designs and Lake Superior Honey Co. They pick up a classic beehive appropriately named Bee Hive, adding a dose of thoughtful modernity to your garden with a cause.

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