Goodfit Puzzles Champions Great Art, Culture, Causes + Connections

Fits well works with artists from all over the world to create Puzzles highlight the culture, causes and connections. From body positivity and inclusivity to crypto artists and oil painters, founders Bryan and Casey are constantly on the lookout for unique pieces of art. As soon as they have found what they are looking for, the artists share in the profits and at the same time retain ownership of their work. You can also choose a cause or charity that Goodfit will donate 10% of every purchase to.

The duo created Goodfit during the pandemic when they couldn’t find puzzles with inspiring themes and images. Her background in experience design, e-commerce and fashion retail merchandising was of help in curating her collection and building a community with her artists. All Goodfit puzzles are made from thick cardboard made from 100% recycled material with a linen structure for minimal glare. They come in a linen storage bag and a high quality mini poster that can be referenced during puzzle sessions. When you’re done, break it apart to do it again, give or frame it to a friend and hang your masterpiece!

Interior with a yellow chair by Mary Finlayson

This bestseller, Interior with a yellow chair, is by Mary Finlayson, who has always painted and was employed full-time in 2017. Her background in art therapy can be felt in her work: calming and yet stimulating, which gives her works an almost cozy feeling. “I draw inspiration from everywhere … nature, plants and flowers, old books and magazines – nowhere. I also take a lot of photos. My work is based on both real and imaginary interiors, ”she said.

finished puzzle framed and hung on the kitchen wall

Interior with a yellow chair by Mary Finlayson

fair-skinned woman with child standing in front of works of art

Mary Finlayson

Puzzle box with parts and coffee cup on wooden surface

Feast day of Willea Zwey

Willea Zways holiday tells the story of human connection, mental health, and self-reflection – feelings we’ve all experienced before. The former architect drew on her background to create new worlds during the pandemic. In Celebration Day, she explores the idea of ​​the hustle mindset celebrated by society through its main theme: the man in yellow lying on the floor. He is exhausted with life and his thoughts projected upward until a person tries to connect with him by handing him an umbrella.

Detail of a puzzle

Feast day of Willea Zwey

Black and white photo of a woman with dark, medium length hair wearing a denim jacket

Willea Zwey

Puzzle box with dragon fruit on a white background

Wild Nature by Jess Ebsworth

Modern and elegant yet retro, Jess Ebsworth’s Wild nature captures the essence of her artistic style. It’s almost in motion, almost symmetrical … just a little weird with its neon and black extremes. Inspired by science fiction, space and botanicals, Savage Nature is about to unleash a wildness that rests. Jess said, “I love the chance to get my work off the screen. [To think about my work] just doing something out there in the world instead of just being viewed on a screen for a second is really nice. “

Detail of puzzle being put together on white background

Wild Nature by Jess Ebsworth

fair-skinned woman with dark hair and glasses sitting on the box and smiling

Jess Ebsworth

fair-skinned woman and medium-skinned man with arms around them against a black and white background

Goodfit founders Casey and Bryan

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