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Last summer, we added the design-driven Port of Raleigh to the Design Milk Shop and partnered with a small, brick and mortar company in keeping with our ethos and modern aesthetic. It’s a new year and time for a little more love as small businesses continue to suffer from the ongoing pandemic. So let’s welcome post.script. To the shop! post.script. is a San Francisco-based gift store offering a eclectic, contemporary mix of 50 brands that include housewares, stationery, and accessories. When not in the San Francisco area, the Design Milk Shop has a selection of post.script’s best-selling products. Keep checking out the fun items we have from three brands including Fruitsuper (which has graced our digital pages for years), Fredericks & Mae (another Design Milk favorite) and Lund London.

post.script. in San Francisco

post.script. in San Francisco

>>> Buy >>> Everywhere vases set of 3 in white by Fruitsuper

>>> Buy >>> Set of 3 vases in light brown / mint / cobalt by Fruitsuper

Everywhere vases set of 3 in tan / mint / cobalt by Fruitsuper

>>> Buy >>> Coasters from Fruitsuper

>>> Buy >>> Lift Trivet from Fruitsuper

>>> Buy >>> Coral Bookends Set of 2 by Fruitsuper

>>> Buy >>> Burning Bush Candle by Fredericks & Mae

>>> Buy >>> Night Time Candle by Fredericks & Mae

>>> Buy >>> Matches Extra Long by Fredericks & Mae

>>> Buy >>> Star Dominoes by Fredericks & Mae

>>> Buy >>> Cedar Rope Incense from Fredericks & Mae

>>> Buy >>> Cone 10 oz water bottle from Lund London

>>> Buy >>> Cone bottle 17 oz from Lund London

>>> Buy >>> Cone bottle 25 oz from Lund London

>>> Here you can find all post.script offers in the Design Milk Shop! <

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