Gingko’s Smart Vase Light Beautifully Offers Double Duty

Often times, when designers duplicate their designs, they can have an outcome that just doesn’t work. Then there are cases like Gingko’s Intelligent vase light which come together to form a smart idea, in this case a beautiful lamp with a hidden vase. The two-for-one design saves space on any table that needs light, while the vase adds an unexpected detail. Change the flowers regularly for a new aesthetic, with or without light.

Made of heat-resistant, waterproof Tyvek paper, the lamp emits warm ambient light through its accordion-like folds. Inside is a heat and water resistant tube that allows you to fill it with your favorite stems. Use it as a modern lamp when you don’t have flowers, as a vase, or both for a dramatic design statement.

Light close-up with vase tube

It works with a 3W LED light source with a battery life of 6-10 hours before it needs to be charged.

Light unlit with vase of flowers

Lamp lit with a vase with a flower stem

Lamp folded up like a book

When not in use, the lamp folds up like a book, and when you want to get it out, unfold the lamp until the magnets meet. It is available in both walnut and bamboo.

Smart Vase Light with a vase holding a tree trunk

Paper lamp with plant stem

closed lamp in walnut

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