Gillian Segal Shares What Podcasts She Can’t Get Enough Of

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Gillian Segal has always had a passion for interior design and its influence on our daily emotions. At a young age, Gillian watched her parents build their first family home, and from that experience she always knew that she wanted to change people’s lives through design. After completing her Bachelor of Arts, Gillian pursued her love of design by participating in the BCIT interior design program and graduating Magna cum Laude. From there, she earned her CID and began working with some of the best design studios in Vancouver to catapult the launch of her eponymous design company. Now Gillian is working with clients around the world to create highly personalized spaces that authentically fit their lifestyle.

Gillian’s work, with an emphasis on playful, modern and eclectic glamor, is constantly evolving and is often inspired by her travels and love for changing styles over the decades. She attaches great importance to the mix of old and new design aesthetics in order to continuously create unique, timeless spaces.

Gillian is enthusiastic about collaborative initiatives and continues to expand her efforts in the product development market. She is the co-founder of Saint Lunette, which is focused on mentoring developers, and recently curated a product design and wallpaper collection with Drop It Modern. Gillian has also shared her expertise as an interior designer and writer for and Gray Malin.

In between site reviews and design appointments, she enjoys spending time with her family and raising her children. When she’s not working, Gillian is passionate about giving back and is often involved in volunteering in her community.

Today Gillian Segal is with us for Friday five!

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1. Family
Family is everything – my two daughters and my husband inspire me every day to be the best I can be. Our oldest Gigi is 3 years old and our youngest Coco is 1 year old. Nothing is more humble than becoming a parent (there’s nothing like being puked to bring you back to earth!). As a mom, I know to teach them, but they really teach me to be more patient, more in the moment and ultimately, what is really important in life.

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2. Podcasts
I’m a podcast addict – driving to work and listening to a podcast is a rare quiet moment in my day. Living in such a connected world can be a blessing and a curse, but podcasts give us access to confidential conversations with experts and titans of the industry. There are so many incredible voices sharing years of experience that it’s a great way to learn and be entertained at the same time. I arrive at my office every morning and feel inspired when I listen to my role models. Whether it’s Athena Calderone’s More Than One Thing, Hilary Kerr’s Second Life, Dominos Podcast, Design Time, or my guilty treat, The Skinny Confidential, I feel ready to start my day full of new knowledge and tools.

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3. My Real Life Pinterest Board
In my office, our drywall is covered in inspirational pictures pinned in place – complete with very cute brass pins. I like the process of leafing through magazines and cutting out and organizing pictures that are then loosely arranged by color scheme. As much as I really love Instagram and Pinterest, at times the amount of content can actually be overwhelming, and I find the same images circulating over and over again. Going to the old school with books and magazines from the coffee table (old and new) is such a fulfilling ritual for me. I keep track of favorite pages or moments and cut out even the smallest corner that I like. The limited space with limited walls forces me to really curate these images, and I am constantly amazed at how I can draw inspiration in so many ways.


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4. Fashion
For me, fashion and interior are so fluid. As an interior designer, I find it difficult to commit myself to a style, which is why the process of collaboration between designer and customer is so sacred and special to me. The ability to work with our clients and interpret different styles is what drives my soul. Like our homes, the way we dress is a form of expression. Those closest to me know how to dress based on how I feel. My clothes feel like my armor for the day. I love to be inspired by the catwalk and also by vintage fashion for my work. Some of my favorite staples: my Goyard sack marquises, patent leather track pants, and Frankie Shop muscle t-shirts.

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5. Classic films
A popular way to relax is with popcorn, wine, and a great movie. There’s nothing more comforting (and inspiring) to me than looking at my favorites, which I’ve seen probably hundreds of times. Sabrina, To Catch a Thief, West Side Story, North by Northwest – I love the classics. I find the nostalgia so comforting and I’m not going to lie. I took photos of a number of interiors / sets and wardrobe moments from most of the old movies I’ve seen – there’s constant inspiration here!

Work by Gillian Segal:

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Photo: Ema Peter

Living room

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Photo: Ema Peter

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