GamFratesi’s Iconic Beetle + Bat Dining Chairs Meet the Great Outdoors

Two of GUBI’s most popular dining room chairs, Beetle and Bat by GamFratesi, are now available for outdoor use. “The Beetle and Bat chairs are timeless and well proportioned, but at the same time each have their own design signature. The outdoor furniture editions of the Beetle and Bat Chairs mark an important step for GUBI in the direction of outdoor furniture, ”says Jacob Gubi, Owner & Creative Director at GUBI.

Both chair designs refer to strong but graceful elements of the two creatures they are named after, now in informal, molded polypropylene versions that are easy to handle thanks to their light weight. The way the legs merge into the shell is meant to reflect a branched tree. The outer shell of the Beetle Dining Chair has a continuous, curvilinear shape that gently bends even with small body movements. The silhouette of the Bat Dining Chair reflects bat wings with webbed feet, viewed from above as a continuous oval line.

What makes these editions of Beetle and Bat suitable for outdoor use are special UV additives in the molded polypropylene shell, which prevent the color from fading due to the weather. This strengthens the polypropylene molecules and protects against UV radiation from sunlight, which can break down plastics. Just like the indoor editions, the Beetle and Bat Outdoor Collection is designed to be dismantled and completely recyclable.

Available in two colors, New Beige and Alabaster White, both chairs will easily fit into a wide variety of public and private spaces. For extra comfort, add an optional seat cushion that is padded with outdoor fabric. The cushion is the same for both chairs and can also be used for the indoor editions.

four chairs outdoors against green foliage

Both the Beetle and the Bat Dining Chair were inspired by nature, so we are pleased that they can now also be used outdoors and return to their natural habitat. It was humbling to see them populate so many different spaces around the world and this outdoor edition just opens more doors for them.

– Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi from GamFratesi

three chairs and a table on a terrace

white chair in a field

three chairs in a field

two chairs on a rocky beach

two chairs on a rocky beach

Chair on the rocky beach

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi

Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam

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