Friday 5 With Shantell Martin

Photo: Manolo Campion

Shantell Martin is a visual artist best known for her large format black and white drawings and her collaborations with artists and institutions, including Kendrick Lamar, the New York Ballet, Tiffany & Co., Puma, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery , The Museum of Moving Images and MoMA. Her current retrospective NEW / NOW can be seen at the New Britain Museum of Art until April 18, 2021. Shantell is passionate about artist rights, advocating the work of other artists, and studying how art, design, and product can work together to create accessible everyday experiences. These passions are the foundation and the inspiration for their new collection Line from Shantell Martin with The Whitney Shop. Her first art book is currently available in collaboration with HENI-Verlag LINES, with a text by Katharine Stout and an interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Shantell lives in Jersey City with her partner and dog Blanche. She currently spends her days filming her new YouTube series Provenance, which brings audiences straight to her studio / archive and goes into great detail about her artistic process and the inspiration behind previous projects.

Today Shantell is with us for Friday five!

CW & T.

Photo: Liz Clayman

1. Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy from CW & T.
You are so inventive and self-sufficient. They make really smart, clear design choices and whatever they do I want to own.

Aukland Art Gallery

Photo courtesy of the Aukland Art Gallery

2. Auckland Art Gallery Auckland Art
I was able to visit the Auckland Art Gallery in 2019 and it absolutely blew my mind. The collection of works of art shows a visual history of New Zealand. I loved their outstanding collection of works by artists from Māori and the Pacific Island that took center stage there, and yet they also celebrate international artists from around the world.

Textile art

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Yanko

3. Kennedy Yanko
Kennedy Yanko’s work is amazing. It’s both intimate and cinematic, and involves a lot of intuitive design that has a very deep impact on the audience and the space it’s in. This piece, Crow, is from their “Because It’s In My Blood” collection. The pieces of skin made of copper and paint – luminous bodies with inert, living materials – invite the viewer to examine them carefully and examine them again.

three book covers

Photo courtesy Penguin Classics UK

4. Penguin Classics science fiction series
I suffer from dyslexia, so reading has always been very difficult for me. But this year I’ve set myself the goal of reading at least one book a month. I loved receiving the new Penguin Classics science fiction series. The collection includes ten books by authors from around the world, all united by refreshingly minimal line drawings, sparse designs, monochromatic color schemes, and purple spikes. It brings together pioneers like Lovecraft and Zamyatin, new wave classics by Lem and Vonnegut, and a variety of different exciting subgenres, including dystopia, satire, slipstream and speculative fiction. Some covers even show works by line drawing virtuosos such as Le Corbusier, Hans Arp, Picasso and Saul Steinberg.

Toronto skyline

Photo: Shantell Martin

5. Toronto
It’s super strange to me that it’s been almost a year since I was last on a plane and traveled outside of the US. I definitely feel a little … claustrophobic and dream of traveling to my favorite cities around the world. One of my favorite places is Toronto. It’s such a fast flight from New York and yet feels very different. Even closer to London or Auckland. I’ve done some projects there and something about the city really inspires me creatively and feels familiar.

Shantell Martin’s work:

Art installation

The May Room Photo: Steven Simione

red chair

New / Now Photo: NBMAA


NYCB Photo: Roy Rochlin

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