Friday 5 With Proem Studio

Proem Studio is a Los Angeles-based interior design studio founded in 2017 by Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman. The studio translates Ashley and Marie’s respective backgrounds in the fields of styling, art and set design in residential, commercial and hospitality projects in Los Angeles and New York. Proem regards all of its projects as the beginning of a new story for each customer, the “Proem” of a book, the introduction to a new chapter. While the duo strive to create fresh, timeless spaces that improve with age, they also aim to create a design that is accessible, functional, and highly personalized. A commitment to detail, quality products, support from local manufacturers, and the use of vintage found items all add significantly to this aesthetic. Today Ashley and Marie join Friday Five!

Photo via Forance Brioni

1. Handmade terracotta tiles
We love using handcrafted tiles in our projects to achieve subtle variations in color and organic quality. Handcrafted tiles have an appealing and human quality that almost seems to tell its own story. Every imperfection becomes history.


Photo: Heather Rosenman Pottery

2. Ceramic
If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s ceramic vessels – bowls, vases, and sculptures of all shapes and types, especially handcrafted ceramics. There are so many talented ceramic artists in Los Angeles. Some of our favorites are Heather Rosenman and LGS Studio.

Desert resort

Photo: Amangiri Resort

3. Amangiri Resort
Amangiri is on our must-visit list as soon as travel becomes a part of our lives again. It’s a quiet luxury resort in Canyon Point, Utah with breathtaking views. The resort was designed to complement its rugged setting. The cement buildings have been colored to match the sandstone cliffs of the Utah plateaus, making Amangiri a hidden paradise in the desert.

Wall lighting

Photo about the future perfect

4. Italian lighting
The Italians do it best when it comes to lighting. We use many lights designed by Italy in our work, especially designs made in the 1950s. The lighting created during this decade embodies the slim, stylish profiles that are typical of Italian design.


Photo via calico

5. Background image
For us, wallpaper never really went out of style, so it’s fun to see it’s having such a moment right now. Designs today have become so unique and interesting. You can find everything from hand-painted custom murals to bold graphics to classic European prints. At the moment we love wallpaper designs from Calico, Klaus Haapaniemi, Morris & Co. and Porter Teleo.

Work from Proem Studio:


Living room

17th Street, New York City

Dining area

Yale Avenue

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