Friday 5 With Brenda Danso of BD Inside Design

Brenda Danso, a native Californian living in Toronto, brings a mental health background to her interior design practice, BD Interior Design. The spaces she designs are calming, functional, cheerful and perfectly match the needs of her clients. Brenda relies on neutral colors, natural elements and playful splashes of color. Her projects range from home staging and residential design to commercial design.

Today Brenda is coming to Friday Five!

1. Face steamer
I can’t live without my in-house face steamer. Using this product creates a home spa experience. After nine minutes with the steamer, I feel relaxed and look forward to the additional benefits of lighter skin. If you can’t go to the spa, bring the experience home.


2. My children
My girls, ages 5 and 6, really help me get through the day. From her funny personality to her satisfaction with the simple things, all of them are constant reminders that we must be grateful. Their presence keeps me on the ground and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Spotify logo

3. Spotify Music app
We all love good music, it entertains us when we take a long drive, it helps communicate our emotions and, more importantly, it can improve our mood. My Spotify music app also introduced me to international artists from different countries. This was an opportunity to get to know other cultures through music.


4. Ginger-lemon tea
As a designer and psychiatrist, I am always looking for ways to relax. Enjoying my favorite tea is a way to slow down and relax mindfully. My favorite flavor is ginger lemon as I don’t feel the urge to add sugar. Deliberately taking a tea break promotes relaxation and has a calming effect.


5. foliage
A designed space is incomplete without foliage, and a touch of green breathes life into it. One of my favorite flowers is a hydrangea placed in a vase or stems taken from the outside to bring in natural elements. During this time, we need to find healthy ways to bring nature in.

Work by Brenda Danso:

Bedroom with two single beds

Photo: Janelle Gokule


Photo: Janelle Gokule


Photo: Janelle Gokule

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