Folks will ‘attempt to kill us,’ says GOP lawmaker on going in opposition to Trump

Michigan Republican Congressman Peter Meijer was one of only nine new GOP lawmakers who voted to uphold the November 3 election results. He told CNBC’s The News with Shepard Smith that his life may now be in danger.

“We are aware that this was a vote that has endangered our security and I assume that there will likely be more political violence in the future,” said Meijer. “My expectation, and the expectation of some of the people I speak to who are trying to vote our conscience about it, there will be people trying to kill us and that is what we have to deal with every day.”

Meijer added that this threat of violence, in turn, has forced and will continue to intimidate some of his Republican counterparts into voting on the Trump administration’s side. In a comment, Meijer wrote that another lawmaker protested President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over fears that President Trump’s supporters would come after his family.

“That was what weighed on the colleague’s conscience and the last thing that person said to me was concern for the safety of that person’s family if that person voted to confirm the election,” Meijer said. “That’s where rhetoric got us. That’s the level of fear that was created.”

The House of Representatives is now on the verge of indicting Trump for the second time. The House Democrats introduced an impeachment article accusing Trump of inciting the insurgent mob that stormed the Capitol last week. Five people died, including a police officer.

The article accuses Trump of “showing that if he is allowed to stay in office, he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution.” The vote on impeachment is scheduled for Wednesday. Meijer said he is “thinking hard about” indicting Trump.

“I’ve had colleagues who objected, timing concerns, process concerns, and reception concerns,” said Meijer host Shepard Smith. “I haven’t heard anyone raise concerns on the matter and I believe the president’s actions last Wednesday disqualified him and made him unfit for office.”

Sources said minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told House Republicans on a conference call that President Trump had some responsibility for the deadly uprising. Meijer said the future of the GOP was in balance. He added that the Republican Party faces the lie that November 3rd was a landslide victory for Trump and that many Republican voters were deceived by those in power.

“Instead of telling people in America and their supporters what to hear, too many politicians have told us what to hear,” Meijer said. “That kind of reactive leadership will never turn the Republican Party into a party trusted to rule this country again, and we need to fix it.”

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